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Live-in Care

You or your loved one may not need to move into a Care Home. Live-in care provides full-time care in your own home. Contact us now to find out more.

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Why consider a care home when there is a better option available?

Most people experience care-workers popping in during the day to provide care and support. When this is no longer enough, a nursing or Care home is often considered the only option.

This is not true, Live-in care is better positioned to provide full time 1-2-1 care which is tailored to the needs of the individual.

How can I receive 1-2-1 care at home?

With Live-in care, 1-2-1 care is guaranteed. Even in specialist nursing homes, care-worker to resident ratios are on average 1-6. Residents need to adhear to the care home's routine, and have far less choice or control over their care.

With Live-in care, Care is not shared, it is responsive to individual needs when required, without waiting. Contact us to find out more.

If you can stay in your own home and community, why move to a care home?  

We spend our lives building up treasured memories in our home, and the thought of having to move on, is distressing for most. 

Our care-workers are trained to maintain an individual’s hobbies, interests and community links, while caring for them in thier own home. This adds to one’s life experience and wellbeing and comes as standard with our service.

Companionship, not without it's merits

Age UK, identified ‘loneliness’ as one of the greatest challenges for those over 65.

Having another person around, can be a great source of comfort and encouragement. Knowing your loved one has access to the care they need and the companionship they desire, is often a great source of reassurance.

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Is Live-in care financially viable?

With prices starting from less than 100 per day the cost is often the same or less than a residential or nursing home.

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Is a care home, worth my freedom?

Becoming institutionalised is a real fear for those who have led individual and often inspiring lives. Living life bound by shedules imposed upon them is often not what they want or need.

With our service, sleeping late today or choosing what and when to eat, are all possible as care is arranged around the individual.

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Get real support from those in the know

Research strongly supports the principle, that remaining in your own home, in a known environment keeps one more alert, orientated and able especially with conditions affecting cognition.

Clients’ with Dementia or Parkinson’s disease are encouraged to remain within their own homes for as long as possible, giving optimal opportunity to keep active and able for as long as possible.

Once in a care home, there may be no turning back. 

Selling your home and giving your possessions away cannot be undone. Moving into a care home is often seen as the only option available to those requiring full time care.

With Live-in care you can remain in your own home while recieving the care you need. When asked, most individuals would prefer to stay in their own home till the very end. Live-in care makes this possible.

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"‘Remaining in your home and your community is priceless."

"The carer was ever so nice, she even helped me entertain my neighbours who came round to play Bridge every Thursday"