Costs to consider

We appreciate that cost is one of the main factors to consider, when evaluating different care options.

Choice Homecare
Choice Homecare - Costs to consider

Direct Payments

At Choice Homecare we support different payment methods and can accomodate payments from different sources. We work in conjunction with several local authorities and welcome clients on the Direct Payment or Individual Budget schemes. Contact us for more information

How it all works

Care-workers will invoice a nominated person every week for the services they provide.

As an agency we submit monthly invoices to a nominated person.

After considering all the costs, we hope that you agree, Each person is unique and each circumstance is different. Please call us today, to share your personal situation, ask any questions you may have, or share your thoughts. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Average weekly costs & how this affects you.

In June 2013, we conducted market research, reviewing the costs of different types of care in London.

This allowed us to again evaluate our pricing structure, confirming that we offer an excellent, professional and supportive service at market competitive rates.

Our research identified the following average weekly costs for services:

Live-in Care
(Self –employed)
Live-in Care (Employed) Residential Care Nursing Care
700 850 825 920

All care-workers are self-employed and are personally responsible for tax and National Insurance Contributions.

The amount you pay the care-worker is based on a single daily rate. We believe this is essential, because it gives you choice and control over your care.

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Other costs to consider.

Live-in care-workers should be provided with a room of their own, a comfortable bed, 3 meals a day and materials needed to complete the tasks requested of them. e.g. cleaning materials, aprons and gloves.

Travelling costs are also charged for from central London.

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