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What is live-in care?

Live-in care means that your care-worker lives with you in your own home.

By having the care-worker with you, it means that you receive bespoke, full- time care in the comfort of your own home. Activities can be done at your leisure. This gives you the ultimate choice and control over your care.

Live-in care offers many advantages, such as:

- One to one care
- The psychological benefit of remaining in your own home
- Staying in your community keeping close to friends and family
- Keeping your beloved pets
- Being in control of your daily schedule

You always have the final say regarding your care. Your individual requests will be respected at all times, thus making live-in care very flexible and personal.

Why Choose live-in care?

Care-workers are able to get to know you very well. They also come to understand how you like to have things done. This is care on your terms.

They are able to encourage you, discuss things with you, and are under your instruction to do those activities, which are important to you.

Whether it’s help in preparing meals, doing laundry, assisting with shopping, bathing, driving to appointments and the like, tending to your special needs due to particular conditions or simply wanting someone to chat with over a cup of tea, our care-workers will respect your every wish. Call us today, if you want to know more about our personal service.

Did you know?

That live-in care may be less costly than a residential or nursing home.

25% of adults have or are in the process of arranging care for someone, but only 4% know about live-in care as an option.

That in a recent survey all relatives and carers interviewed, said they would try live-in care before considering placing a loved one into care.

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